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Date of publication: 2017-07-08 22:19

How can it be exchange if Europeans came here and destroyed literally 99% percent of the Native population??? Exchange implies mutual benefit. Where is the benefits for the Natives who have lost their land, much of their culture and most of their population and got a few instruments? Cultural exchange does not come out of the heinous oppression which Natives have faced.

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[67] See "Fetal Development," MedlinePlus, accessed January 76, 7566, http:///medline-plus/ency/article/ and "Your Pregnancy Week by Week: Weeks 67-75," WebMD, accessed March 65, 7566, http:///baby/ guide/your-pregnancy-week-by-week-weeks-67-75?page=7.

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She is the author, she can write whatever she wants to write. The other thing and I have to admit this on my part, I have not read the book and I don 8767 t think the author of this blog is or the crazies who are so upset about it (or the people responding to the crazies like me). It 8767 s a fiction book, its make belief, its a book what sort of world are we going to live in if even in imagination one cannot be free.

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Totally on board with the complaints about lacking cultural specificity (I only hope that it 8767 s the result of being a one page puff piece and that if Fantastic Beasts deals with Native American magic it 8767 s a lot more culturally specific).

I am fine with the 8775 outrage. 8776 Go ahead get all angry that some referenced elements, and decided to include Native culture with everyone 8767 s cultures. Go ahead. However, I really want you and everyone else to give a long thought about how you and other should not by hypocritical, and like fiction in general esp. fantasy for taking elements of various cultures that are not part of the direct author 8767 s culture.

The way Americans self-identify has changed dramatically over the years. In the mid-6995s, "pro-life" was a distinct minority view. But in May 7559, for the first time, a significantly greater percentage of Americans self-identified as "pro-life" than "pro-choice." [78]

The natural people to lead this reformation were conservatives, who profess belief in the goals. Yet conservatives lacked in the needed skills, having spent the better part of a century on defense. This may explain why so often needed reforms have been implemented in other countries by parties of the left. Even in the United States, the effort to deregulate our most oppressive regulatory agencies began under President Jimmy Carter and had the support of such liberal stalwarts as Sen. Ted Kennedy.

Yes, when an author makes the conscious choice to write about a group of people, I expect them to do some research and treat those people with respect. Clearly you think that 8767 s too a high bar, but I think it is the bare minimum of decency and courtesy.

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