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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 00:00

Closely connected with these happenings has been the rise of regional parties like TMC, BJD etc. in national politics which have both strengthened and weakened our federal democracy. Decentralised decision-making away from Delhi, the traditional seat of power, is a healthy sign. But simultaneously their regional interests have paralysed the decision-making. Withdrawing support from national coalition for unpopular decisions like recent reduction in gas subsidy and sanctioning a rail minister for a much needed rail fare hike are unhealthy signs for a democracy. The National Counter Terrorism Centre is in a lurch, because it allegedly violates federalism, as maintained by regional parties. Regional democratic aspirations have thus often impinged on democratic interests.

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Another major area of concern is on the decreasing area under agriculture. With increasing population, the stress on limited land resource is increasing. Controlling population has to be a major policy among the developing nations. Use of scarce land resources to produce biodiesel has using plants like zatropha and corn has also decreased the fertility of soil. Also it decreases effective area under food production.

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You have extensively covered effects on agriculture. It would have been good if you has explained how WTO rule have ruined/benefited agriculture in rural areas.

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The nature of growth of industries has seen transformation with the changing global scenario and domestic conditions traversing from a centralised economy to now a neo-liberal free trade economy.

thanks a lot sir, for ur detailed, understandable, careful explanation. This is my first essay. I will keep in mind all ur suggestions while writing next essay.

It is a good essay. You have taken a stand in your introduction and defended it with good arguments till the end. Though more of economic aspects are there, you have still managed to provide socio-cultural aspects too. As your stars indicate, it is a good essay. Anyway, there is always scope for improvement. 🙂

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The common factors which affect the quality of education of any HES are teachers, examination pattern and syllabus, regulation/autonomy,skill training, R& D output, academia-industry linkage, political intervention in technical matters and migration across streams and nations.

Underweight and overweight are terms defined as less than and more than 75 BMI respectively. The poor and developing countries of Asia, Africa and South America are the main victim of underweight. Overweight people can be found throughout the world, though more in the developed countries. Both are precursors and progenitors of many health issues. Underweight results in low stamina and a weak immune system. It affects women and children more acutely and can result in amenorrhea, infertility and complication during pregnancy in women and osteoporosis and increased mortality rates among children. Being overweight may cause heart disease, increased cholesterol level, high BP etc.

The Second Coming of Christ will be seven literal years after the signing of the peace treaty or covenant between Israel and the antichrist (Zechariah 69:9–66 Matthew 79:65–75. 96 7 Thessalonians 6:7–65, Revelation 75:6). He returns to set up His millennial kingdom upon the earth which was offered at the first advent but postponed due to rejection by the Jewish nation. Those believers who survive the Tribulation will enter into His kingdom and will rule the earth. Those who are unbelievers will be cast into Hades for 6555 years to await the Great White Throne Judgment.

Casteism and communalism have also taken their roots in the politics. Parties like RJD, SP, BSP have garnered votes on the basis of caste of their leaders. Votes on the basis of religion have also been casted. Issues like Ayodhya have been used for gimmicks like rath yatra. BJP has criticised Congress for being pseudo secular by trying to project other parties as Hindu parties and itself as saviour of the Muslims. Recently, Allahabad high court has banned caste-based rallies, which has been staple of many parties. It remains to be seen the effect of such rallies.

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