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Air conditioning reduces in-car pollution by 34% | Daily

Date of publication: 2017-07-09 06:40

&ldquo Improving air quality is about more than just transport, so next year we will publish a comprehensive Clean Air Strategy. This will set out how we will address all forms of air pollution, delivering clean air for the whole country.&rdquo

Long-term air pollution exposure and cardio- respiratory

[79] Report: &ldquo Review of National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Carbon Monoxide Final Rule.&rdquo Federal Register (Vol. 76 , No. 669), . ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY, August 86, 7566.

Councils tasked with devising anti-diesel pollution plans

Page 778: &ldquo [A]dditional energy and environmental burdens [are] imposed by curbside collection trucks, recycled material processing facilities, and transportation of processed recyclables to end-use markets.&rdquo

The effects of outdoor air pollution on chronic illnesses

Most of these effects are considered short-term because they eventually cease once ozone levels subside. However, there is concern that repeated short-term damage from ozone exposure may permanently injure the lung. For example, repeated ozone impacts on the developing lungs of children may lead to reduced lung function as adults.

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Page 686: &ldquo Although individual 6- hour peak concentrations are typically higher in urban centres 7 , our data indicate that the higher cumulative exposures at rural sites had the greatest impact.&rdquo

Gove said: &ldquo Today&rsquo s plan sets out how we will work with local authorities to tackle the effects of roadside pollution caused by dirty diesels, in particular nitrogen dioxide.

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