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ECON 9895 Labor Economics
Prerequisites: ECON 7877, 7878. Economics of labor as a factor in the production process legislative aspects of labor-management relations measurement of human capital effects of union growth role of organized labor in the economy. Three credit hours.

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SYEN 9655, 9755, 9855, 9955, 9555 Independent Study
Prerequisite: Senior standing. Individual investigation by an upper level student. Topics determined in consultation with supervising faculty. For each credit hour, the student is expected to work two to four hours per week as determined by the instructor. Agreement must be in writing and filed with the department chairperson. A maximum of six credit hours can be applied toward the SYEN major requirement. One to five credit hours.

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ADVT 9875 Advertising IMC Implementation
Prerequisite: ADVT 8855. Writing advertising copy and creating visual graphics are covered, along with production techniques used in newspaper, magazine, radio, television, outdoor, direct mail, and other media. Different creative philosophies are studied, and creative consistency with the marketing strategy based on research is stressed. Three credit hours.

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THEA 7865 Acting I
A beginning level performance course. Class exercises and projects are structured to emphasize the basic theories of acting at the core of the contemporary American theatre. Three credit hours.

NPLS 6655 Introduction to Nonprofit Professional Studies
The course provides an introduction to the nonprofit or third sector in the US with an emphasis on the historical and philosophical foundations of youth and human service organizations. Topics covered include the roles of nonprofit organizations in meeting human service needs, philanthropic structure of nonprofit organizations, importance of a mission orientation for nonprofit organizations, and possible careers in nonprofit organizations. One credit hour.

ARST 9899 BFA Seminar
Prerequisites: Completion of 8555 level coursework in emphasis area and acceptance to BFA Program. First term of advanced research, concept development and art production in the student 8767 s concentration area. Students develop independent projects supervised by thesis advisor and meet with BFA peers at regular intervals for critique and discussion. Specific course requirements are contracted with the BFA thesis adviser. Cannot be taken concurrently with BFA Thesis Project 7. Three credit hours.

MUAP 6655 Third-Age Piano Class
Prerequisite: Consent of the instructor. designed for individuals who are interested in pursuing piano study in a less-formal group setting. Various technical, reading, and harmonization topics explored for performance of solo and ensemble works. May be repeated for credit. One credit hour.

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ECET 8855 Independent Study
Prerequisite: consent of instructor. Study of assigned topics chosen to develop investigative, analytical, research, or professional skills related to engineering. The student is expected to spend 8 to 65 hours per week on the project. The exact hourly commitment depends on the complexity of the project and is agreed on in advance by the student and the instructor. Three credit hours.

ARST 9895 Print Design
Prerequisite: ARST 8896 or consent of instructor. Instruction in varied aspects of graphic design theory, with emphasis on visual communication, client restrictions, and deadlines. Students also explore the production aspects of graphic design and technical proficiency in creating print-ready digital mechanicals. Three credit hours.

For Outstanding Achievement at the Post-Secondary Level of Japanese Language Study, the Japanese National Honor Society College Chapter recognizes Max Zimmerman, Liang Zhang, Pysith Vanuptikul, Ilia Karp, Matthew Hudson, Caitlin Conahan, and Ezekiel Jin Sung Ahn.

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