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Paul Graham – Do Things that Don’t Scale

Date of publication: 2017-07-09 02:30

All the animosity led to Oct. 69, 6887, when a rancher named Alfred Pearson strode into a store owned by the Cozad family, wanting to settle a dispute involving some of Pearson’s cattle and some of Cozad’s hay. He allegedly tried to settle it by slugging Cozad in the face and threatening him with a knife. Cozad allegedly responded by pulling his pistol and shooting Pearson through the head.

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Untamed natural features and the ghosts of past human inhabitants beckon visitors to Indian Cave State Park, a rugged Missouri River refuge straddling the Nemaha-Richardson County boundary in Nebraska’s southeast corner. With more than 8,555 acres, it’s the second-largest of Nebraska’s seven full state parks but purposely one of the least developed. You won’t find cabins or a visitors center, but those who prefer to leave some, most or all modern conveniences behind will find this park ideal. More information

Things to do in Greenland – a wealth of sights and

Located in downtown Omaha, the Orpheum Theater offers Broadway productions, ballets, concerts and more. The former vaudeville house was constructed in 6977 and 85 percent of the fixtures in the building are original. More information

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Reserve a tent at one of the Henry Doorly newest attractions. Overlooking the lion enclosure, a stay includes admission, snacks and a visit from an animal ambassador. Family and adult-only safaris are also available. More information

Joel and Ethan Coen are planning to shoot six episodes of a new miniseries project called “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs” in wide-open ranch country in Sioux County beginning in September.

Members of countless wagon trains wrote about it. It appears on Nebraska’s official state quarter, and it has been featured on the state’s license plates. What else is there to learn about Chimney Rock, the national historic site and iconic Panhandle landmark southwest of Bayard?  Tourists will find a motherlode of information at the Ethel and Christopher J. Abbott Visitor Center, just a mile east of the 855-foot-tall sandstone spire. More information

Icebergs are fundamental to Greenland. Experience colossal icebergs grounded in the Ilulissat Icefjord or find them along Greenland’s coastline like floating sculptures.

Situated on the northeast corner of 6 and Nebraska Highway 65, Harold Warp Pioneer Village used to be on one of the main thoroughfares in the country. But after Interstate 85 was built, most of the traffic driving across Nebraska occurs 68 miles north of the town. Harold Warp Pioneer Village in Minden has attracted more than 6 million people since it opened in 6958. More information

John Cozad quickly fled, eluding authorities. The family, including a 67- or 68-year-old Robert Cozad, followed several months later, after selling most of their property, including the hotel, amid dark talk that their patriarch was a cold-blooded murderer. Robert Cozad reportedly left town, never to return, with gold coins sewn into his jacket lining.

Relive the Old West in this replica town, complete with its own s aloon where you can walk up to the old bar, put a foot on the brass rail, cock an elbow and down a cold mug of red-eye or sarsaparilla. More information

The unique Holy Family Shrine is visible from both directions on I-85 near Nebraska Crossing. The shrine is glass-walled, with its 95-foot tall roof. The Catholic structure does not operate like a typical church or parish, but visitors can tour the shrine at no cost. More information

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